Get Your Dream Job With LinkedIn: Job Search Masterclass

Learn How To Get A Job Using LinkedIn. Perfect Your LInkedIn Profile, Network, Job Search & Attract Recruiters

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What you'll learn

  • Complete understanding of each and every section of a LinkedIn Profile
  • Create a complete LinkedIn profile that creates your presence on LinkedIn
  • Learn the LinkedIn job search function and how to maximise it
  • The benefits of using LinkedIn to start Blogging and showcase your knowledge
  • Learn how to perfect all sections on your LinkedIn profile including Experience, Education, Skills, Recommendations, Awards
  • How to sell your abilities and convince anyone to hire you
  • Learn how to find your dream job on LinkedIn, and set a reminder for it
  • Boost your visibility on LinkedIn by learning to use hashtags and keywords
  • Best practices of Image, Headline, and Summary to a create perfect first impression
  • Quick look at LinkedIn Premium and all its useful features to get us that quick boost when we need it


  • You need a LinkedIn account.


If you want to learn everything about LinkedIn and how to use LinkedIn to get your dream job, then this course is for you.

We cover 3 sections in this course -

  • Find - How will recruiters find you, how to increase your visibility and how to use job search function to find your dream job
  • Look - How to create a great first impression on recruiters by perfecting your profile picture, headline and summary/
  • Understand - Learn how to improve every section on your LinkedIn profile including Education, Experience, Awards, Skills Projects, and Recommendations.

Reviews of our courses -

Very interesting course, covers more of strategy, concepts, tricks, and actual understanding on platform which is what I needed, rather than the whole going through how to do small things first and then try to find the actual strategies and relevant content. Therefore, it is just the perfect digital marketing course." - Debbie Y.

"Yes - this is absolutely what I've been looking for in my business - clear explanation of the platforms and how to begin. Thank you Salil and Peter." - Janet A.

"A course from salespersons perspective on recruiting is amazing because the factors that are really important are covered rather than generic HR questions that are not related to sales but generic HR recruiters still ask. So, in case you need to hire salesperson, or are even a salesperson who wants to understand the hiring process, this is the course for you." - Deepak

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to use LinkedIn. This course focuses on using LinkedIn to find a job, and increase visibility on the platform
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