[2021] Ultimate Job Interview Skills Masterclass

Nail your job interview with this complete course, including scripts, sample dialogues, checklists, and top questions!

What you'll learn

  • How to craft a clear, confident, and strategic answer to “Tell Me About Yourself,” along with responses to dozens of other common interview
  • How to manage behavioral interviews and deliver STAR-based responses without exhaustively preparing for every behavioral style
  • How to leverage informational interviews as part of your job search process.
  • How to respond to gaps on your resume or speak to reasons for leaving a position.
  • How to build an arsenal of organized information to pull from, so you can give succinct answers without rambling into or out of your
  • Questions you should ask your interviewer at every stage of the process, so you appear enthusiastic, interested, and informed.
  • What role ATS (applicant tracking systems) play in your job search and how to navigate them to get to the interview.
  • How to craft a thoughtful thank you that’s sure to build even better rapport with your potential employer.


  • There are no prerequisites; the information in this course is applicable to job-seekers of all levels and experience.


Interviewing today is a gauntlet. Multi-step processes, shifting timelines, moving goalposts, and worst of all – ghosting – are pretty much expected in your job search and interview processes. This course breaks down everything you need to know to go confidently into your next interview.

With detailed information on how to manage behavioral interviews, strategic questions to ask your interviewer, and even a breakdown of how to answer the dreaded lead-off question: Tell Me About Yourself, we’re going to make sure there’s not a single curveball you’re unprepared for.

This course will arm you with practical, actionable tools and resources, including sample dialogues, scripts, checklists, and even bonus negotiating advice to help you nail your next interview.

The strategies shared in this course have helped hundreds of clients level up their career, gain raises as high as 3X, and land jobs at some leading employers, including Facebook, Twilio, Amazon, Guild Education, Cisco, Oracle, and countless more tech companies, international corporations, nonprofits, higher ed establishments, and more!

Whether you’re a senior executive working to refine the delivery of your brand as you compete for C-Suite roles, a new grad trying to find your place in this world, or an experienced professional in-between, the resources provided here will help you manage your upcoming interview with class and confidence.

Let’s dive in!

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for job seekers who want to feel more confident when interviewing and more competitive in the marketplace.
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